We Buy Privately Held Mortgage Notes And Structured Settlements Nationwide

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Are You Receiving Payments?   
Want Cash Now?

We will give you The Best Price for your mortgage note!

         If you need cash now

         If you hold a private or seller financed mortgage note

         If you are tired of owner financing & collecting payments
         If you are thinking of selling your mortgage note


We're mortgage note brokers and investors!  We pay cash for notes including mortgage notes, trust deeds, mortgage balloon payments, 2nd mortgages, real estate contracts, and seller carry backs secured by both residential and commercial real estate properties nationwide. We also buy structured settlements, lottery winnings, court settlements, personal injury settlements, and all cash flows.

Plus, we can offer you a full range of cash options - from a full purchase of your note, purchase of a balloon payment, to a variety of partial purchase choices.

Know someone who owns a note?
Mortgage Buyers
offers a referral fee.

Fill out our Free On-Line Quote Form, and submit on-line for a fast, free and confidential quote; or just feel free to...

Give us a call at 1-888-342-1934 or Contact us by email

Find out  -  what your Note is worth !

      We buy these: 
   morgages and notes
   privately-held paper
   cash flows and contracts
   owner-financed mortgages
   seller-held mortgages
   trust deeds and land contracts 
   residential notes and commercial
   structured settlements and cash flows
What we are: 
note buyer 
mortgage note buyer
mortgage investor
note investor
note broker
cash discounter
note discounter
mortgage discounter


Mortgage Buyers

PO Box 307

Duplessis, LA. 70728

Phone 888-342-1934

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