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How is my mortgage note worth determined?
The value of any note is based on a number of variables such as the down payment, interest rate, payment amount, and term, as well as the buyer's credit 
rating and payment history. The type, condition, and value of the property will also be determining factors. Please fill out the Free On-lIne Quote Form to find out.

Are the terms of my mortgage note affected if I sell?
No. As a matter of fact the sale of your note never changes any terms of your mortgage including the interest rate and the monthly payments.

What kinds of properties and mortgages will you consider buying? 
Mortgage Buyers will consider most types of real estate properties, including residential, multi- family, certain types of commercial properties, and land only. The properties may be secured by first or second mortgages, contracts for deed or land  contracts. Various levels of credit will also be considered.

How can I begin the begin the process of selling my note?
You provide us with all the pertinent information we need on your mortgage and note by filling out our Free On-Line Quote Form, or just give us a call at 888-342-1934. Then we'll get back to you with a no obligation quote. The quote will include a number of Cash Options for you to consider. When you accept our Quote, we will then ask for copies of certain documents relating to your mortgage. These may be sent to us by fax, email or regular mail. 

Upon our final approval of the note purchase, a closing is then scheduled. Based on your preference, you receive your funds either by wire transfer or certified check.

Can this  be done through the mail ? 
Absolutely, the sale transaction of your mortgage can be completely done with ease  and confidence through the mail or in person.

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