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Cash Options

Sell just part of your mortgage and note !

You might not want to sell the entire Mortgage and Note. You can sell the entire term, or just some of the payments, and receive the remaining payments yourself. It's totally up to you.

Mortgage Buyers will give you a variety of Cash Options to consider.

Full Purchase - We can buy all of  your remaining  payments for cash now.

Partial Purchase - We can buy any amount of the payments; and you receive back the remaining payments in the future.

Balloon Purchase - If your mortgage has a final, balloon payment, we can buy some or all of that balloon payment, then you either sell or retain the remaining portion of the balloon payment.

Multi-Stage Payout - At closing, you'll receive a lump sum of cash, plus you receive a guaranteed payment at a set future date. This second payment is guaranteed by a multi-billion dollar corporation,  regardless of whether or not the actual mortgage payments are made by the Payor.

Reverse Partial Purchase -  At the closing for the sale of future payments you receive cash, plus you get the next up front (number) of payments when they are due. 

Split Partial Purchase - At closing for the sale of just a part of each of the future payments you'll receive cash, plus you get the remaining part of each payment when due.




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